Friday, July 20, 2012


My Drew man took a fall yesterday afternoon.  Doodle took him to the ER and the X-ray showed a "buckle fracture"  He is already taking after his mom.  

The ER doctor put him in a splint and said she need to follow up his doctor next week, unless they received a call after the x-ray was read by the radiologist.

He adapted well to the splint.  Here he is showing brother-dog, Charlie, the deer in the yard.  I love this picture.  

Early afternoon Trey received a call from the doctor and ask them to bring Drew back in.  Poor Doodle, she was so scared that something serious might be wrong.  When they arrived, the doctor suggested they put him in a cast to protect the break.  Being the active little boy he is, the doctor was worried the splint might not be strong enough to protect the break in case he falls on the arm.  

He is such a trooper.  Doodle said he did not even cry while they put the cast on.  Love those teddy bears on his cast.  Love that little man!!  Please keep him and Doodle in your thoughts over the next 3 weeks as they deal with the cast.  

Headed to Destin EARLY in the morning to spend time with Princess Lexi.  Calling it a night.



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