Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grandview Pointe and Issac

 When we moved back to Mobile from Baton Rouge in June of 2010, we lived at Grandview Pointe Apartments on Mobile Bay.  I had the most beautiful view of Mobile Bay.  Each morning was a blessing to watch the sun rise over the bay.  We made some great friends during our time there.  We stayed during Tropical Storm Lee last year and I loved watching the many moods of Mobile Bay.  I can't help but wonder how they are doing during Issac.  

One of my good friends Kristen Perez shared some photos she has taken.  I put them with some photos I had taken in the past when we lived there to show the water rise on Mobile Bay

 This is looking toward the Dog River Bridge from the front of the apartments

 This is looking from the front parking lot as you come in the complex.

Tried to show how high the water is by showing the tree.
Here is a photo we took from the River Shack last year.  You can see the pier is completely submerged because of Issac

Speaking of the River Shack, Chelesa Richards took this one earlier this morning.  

I just checked the rain gauge, (not that it is accurate because of the blowing rain) and we have had at least 5 inches and 
the rain is still coming down.  

Here's wishing all my friends and co-workers in Louisiana a safe ride with Issac.



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