Saturday, September 15, 2012

ProjectPURR Grand Opening

Some of the beautiful kittens ready for a forever home.

 Today was the open house for Project Purr-AL.  As most of you know, this is an organization that Brit was VERY involved with before she moved to Montgomery for law school.  Because of her, I started painting the cat paintings and donating many of these to PPAR for auctions to raise money to help with the shelter.  I really enjoyed meeting so many of the volunteers today and seeing all of their hard work.  These are some awesome people who give of their time and money to help rescue cats and kittens who are homeless and give them a second at chance at life.

Below are a few of the photos taken from today.  

This little beauty was adopted today.  
Sophia and Ivy.
These are two of the "Purr Girls" who help out.  A bake sale and raffle was held today to help with the vet bill. 

 Paintings to be raffled off today.

This is Adam Levine.  (Named by Ivy)  I love this cat.  
I was not the only one liking Adam.  This little visitor also liked him.

I even got in a little cat love today.  

If you were not able to come by today, you can still help out.  Go to the PPAR Facebook page or to the website.  There are many ways you can help out.  

Thanks to PPAR for letting me into your world!!!  I think I have found many new friends!  You guys are awesome.



  1. Thank you do much Sandra for all you do for us! Your art work is amazing and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented person helping us out!

    1. Thanks Shara, that means a lot to me. I really admire what you guys do!!!

  2. I couldn't get there today, so thanks for sharing the photos and notes on the Grand Opening.