Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Bike Ride-Fort Mims

We decided to get up today and go for a ride.  No particular place to go, just ride.  Wanted to see the fall leaves.  Headed up I-65 over the Mobile Delta.

Once we crossed the Delta, we turned off on Hwy 59, going north.  The colors of the trees were beautiful.  Scott asked if I had been to Fort Mims, and since I said no, we headed that way.  A very cool site. 

The Fort Mims massacre occurred on 30 August 1813, when a force of Creek people, belonging to the "Red Sticks" faction under the command of Peter McQueen and William Weatherford "Red Eagle", his cousin by marriage, killed hundreds of settlers, mixed-blood Creeks, and militia at Fort Mims. Fort Mims was a stockade with a blockhouse surrounding the house and outbuildings of settler Samuel Mims, located about 35 miles north of present-day Mobile, Alabama.

After our visit to Fort Mims, we continued up 59 to Hwy 21 and then back home.  Love the look of the fall and the different colors of the leaves. 

Hwy 59

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