Saturday, August 4, 2012

American Flag

I saw a blog recently where someone made a wooden flag inspired by one they saw at Pottery Barn ($129.00).  You know me, I had to give it a try.  I found the garden stakes at Lowe's for about $7.00.  I had the paint just lying around (right? ha ha) and I picked up some stars at the Dollar Tree.  

Scott used the Miter saw to cut the stakes in equal lengths.  

He then used the air gun to nail the boards together to form the flag 

I then brought it inside (way too hot outside for me) and drew out the block for the stars.  I painted this spot white. 

I then painted the stripes on the flag.

I put the stars on the flag and painted over them with the blue.  I did not take a picture of what came next.  When I removed the stickers, it was bad.  YUCK. Painted it over it with blue and then, took out the Cricket machine and made some star stencils.  This worked much better.  

The end results.  Now to decide where to hang it.  
Stay tuned for my next ADD project.



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