Sunday, August 12, 2012

And the Cast is GONE!!!!

If you guys remember, a little over 3 weeks ago, my sweet little grandson took a tumble and it resulted in a buckle fracture in his left wrist.  Because of his age, the doctor said he would only need to wear it 3 weeks.  

It took a little bit for him to get use to, but before long, he was doing what ever he wanted.  

Helping Mom cook.

Playing with his toys (notice that is blanket and Monkey are close by).  He must have them.
Watching TV while Mom gets ready for work.

Silly boy!!!
It did not stop him at all.  He wore his self out playing.  (notice blanky and hard to see, but monkey is there too)

Doodle said before they took it off, he started using it as a weapon.  It was time to come off.  

Last Friday they made the trip to the doctor.  They put him in some ear muffs like hunters wear and he thought that was funny and laughed while they cut it off.  When it was completely off, Doodle said he touched and looked at his arm like "Wow, what is this?"  Ha Ha

Now he is back to normal.  Eating dinner with his spoon like a big boy.

And today, he was coloring in his "art corner"  (notice what is not far from him on the back of the table).

All is well now until the next little boy accident.  

Love this little man!!!!


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