Thursday, August 16, 2012


It is so hard to believe that Lexi is old enough to go to school.  She was so excited about her first day at "Pirate" school as she calls it.  She started K4 at the other PA, Pickens Academy.  Her Dad and Aunt Mama both graduated from Pickens along with her grandparents, Big and Meme.  According to Meme (aka Vicki Ezelle), she is very well known by the faculty and is the "grandprincess" because her Aunt Mama (Mariana) was know as the  "princess".  She is the 3rd generation to go to Pickens.  Her Mom, Carley went to the Patrician Academy and both schools were big rivals when Carley and Michael were growing up.  I guess we will become "Pirate" fans now.  

It was her Dad's day off so both Carley and Michael were able to drop her off on her first day.  Carley even held back her tears and didn't even cry.  

She had so much fun at school, that when she got home from school, she wanted to practice her abc's.  She is going to be smart just like her Mom.  

This was taken today on the playground.  I love this little girl!!!  So proud of her!!


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