Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day weekend with Landen

Brit decided to take a break from all of the studying at Law School and made a quick trip home for the week-end.  Road Trip for Landen.  

Landen got to visit with Lacie, Brit's dog.  Lacie is not feeling too good these days.  Please say a little prayer for her.  Looks like Landen is trying to give her some love.
Now he is being a bully!!!  Bad cat!!!

Making sure he gets the last drop.  This cat thinks he is a human.
He is a ladies man.  Here he is snuggled up to Brit's mom, Kim, while they both nap.
Landen's brother turtle Leonardo made the trip back with Brit & Landen riding shot gun.  Looking forward to his new, bigger tank.
This is one happy turtle.  

Woke up Labor Day morning and it was raining.  Landen wanted to sleep in.  

It rained all day.  Landen loves looking out the window at the rain.

Have a great Wednesday!!


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