Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Makes me Happy in July!!!

I was reading thru my favorite blogs this morning and one of them is A journey to a dream  She suggested that I think of 10 things that are making me happy this month, focusing on all the good things in our lives.  I have been so busy with work lately and some times I forget to be thankful for the little things.  Okay here is my list.

1. 4th of July

2. Weekends to De-Stress from hectic work week.

3. Face time with Drew and Doodle

4. Chatting on the phone with Lexi and Carley

5. Painting with Brit

6. Having Scott cook for me after a busy day.

7. My Mom and Dad.  Always there for me.

8. My sister Kelli making it home safe and sound from working in California.

9. Trying new recipes from Pinterest (I love to cook)

10. Making a Sunday Brunch with Mimosa's

What makes you happy?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Have a great day.



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