Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Say no to Store Bought Salad Dressing

Stop!!  Put down that store bought salad dressing and

top your greens with one of these DIY recipes!!

photo courtesy of The Pampered Chef

I love summer and Fresh Vegetables.  Another thing I love about My Pampered Chef products is making fresh dressings.   Here is a link to some great DIY recipes from The Pampered Chef. Store bought dressings are loaded with sodium and preservatives.  These are wonderful recipes. Also if you prefer a creamy dressing, just run your vinegerette through the blender.  The oil will emulsify and the dressing will be fluffy and creamy.  

.Here are a few of the tools I have in my arsenal to make Salad making easier.  

I love this tool!!!  It is great for chopping salad greens an many other things.  I also use it to chop chicken, pork and beef!!!  Blades feature exclusive hollow ground recesses and a titanium coating for easier release of food when chopping.

You can use this to make your own salad dressings.  This two piece container makes blending salad dressing or powdered drink mixes easy.  

The Salad and Berry Spinner is a must have this time of year.  Spinning mechanism pulls water from salads and berries.  Pieces double as a serving bowl  and colanders, and nest for compact storage.

If you are interested in any of these products, you can order directly from my site, http://new.pamperedchef.com/pws/sandracaudle or contact me thru email, sfcaudle@gmail.com or you can message me on my Facebook page, Sandra's Pampered Chef Page

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